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It has been often seen that most of the job seekers give their whole time in planning the resume format for a scheduled interview. But, if you are new to applying for jobs you may find it quite difficult to get the job only depending on the quality of the resume which you will send to the corresponding company. There is no shadow of suspicion that people often get confused in designing the cover letter because different opinions and formats are there to ponder over before you are going to finalize your cover letter’s format. Just sticking to the old and traditional formats will not serve your purpose to the fullest rather you have to browse the internet for better and awesome formats of cover letter. With latest developments in the formal communication between you and the company, it is certainly going to irritate you while designing the cover of your resume.

Above all, it is to be seen that there are certain fixed format for getting to the best cover letter design with a sample so that it can attract the employees or committee of the company which is going to take your interview. At last, the committee will see your cover letter design, graphics and pattern after you have been interviewed. So, it becomes quite essential to keep your cover letter in such a way that the company or the employer is compelled to read your personal resume. For better designing and format of the cover letter, you should work on each step of writing and designing the cover. First of all, in the first paragraph you should include the introduction contents having your job status, advertisement source and the post for which you are applying to the company. In the second one, you should stick to the title of dissertation rather than going to the name of the director or anyone else. This content is very critical and does need any recapitulation of anything that is already in the vitae.

In the next one, you will write some of the best and liable eligibility criteria and qualifications for which the company and the employer are looking for. This will make your cover letter quite crisp and readable to the employee and it will also give unseen benefits to your career. It is recommended that you should not include anything extra or irritating in the cover letter that might result in expulsion from the company without even reading your resume. You should go for searching the most served values, principles and the sole services provided by the company in such a way that including these in your cover letter may impress the reader in a versatile manner.

There is no denying the fact that most of the job applications are being rejected due to awkward formats of the cover letters and thus, it is suggested that you should devote your greater portion of time in order to design a powerful and intricately designed cover letter for better outcomes. The cover letter design and contents should be such that it includes your skills, post of the job and eligibility criteria and must be related to that what the company wants for the post. Also, it should be specific, extraordinary and brilliantly designed to leave an everlasting impression on the viewers.

Resume cover letter Sample

Mark Jose

Contact Name


I am certified programmer with extensive hands on experience on a wide range or IT projects.

In Addition i have a masters degree in Computer Applications. And Iam trained and certified in serveral areas of Technology.

Accustomed to fast projects where deadlines are a priority and handling multiple jobs is the norm.

My hands on experience and practical knowledge of IT Industry is well suited to the goal of your organization.

I would like an opportunity to discuss how my experience and skills can help your organization.

Until then thank you for your consideration and look forward to meeting with you


Mark Jose

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